Head Ball 2 MOD v1.410 (Mega Goal, Freeze Boots)

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Head Ball 2 MODis a fun and competitive football game that you can play with your opponents online. Beat your opponents with great features, enjoy the fun! Fun trgala continues at.

Game Head Ball 2
Date of update 25 October
Game Link
Version 1.410
Size 145 mb
Extension Apk
Kind Mod

Mod Features

  • mega goal
  • rocket goal
  • Freeze boots
  • Freeze the match
  • Speed
  • colorful characters

Head Ball 2 MOD Video



  1. Some cheats only work against bots, you can increase the chance of bots by turning on a VPN.
  2. Before downloading the game, make sure you don't have the game on your phone or emulator.
  3. on your phone unknown sources settingsMake sure it is on.

Head Ball 2 MOD Download

Head Ball 2 Features

Head Ball 2 – Online Football It is a football game where you fight against real opponents. Start from the bottom rungs and struggle to get to the top rungs. Arrange the controls as you want and try to be the best. Try to score more goals than your opponent and win the match. Being a champion is entirely in your hands.


You can earn special rewards every time you level up. By completing daily quests, you can strengthen your characters and even create new ones. Head Ball 2There are regular events in . You can participate in these events and strengthen your team with great rewards.

Head Ball 2 – Online FootballThere are more than 125 characters in . Struggle to reach these characters. Open the packages you get from quests, events and collect character cards. Have new characters with the cards you have accumulated. Besides, you can buy various packages from the market. Develop your characters with the cards you collect and reach the last level. As your character develops, you will start to win matches more easily.

Defeat your opponent with the superpowers you get from packs and missions. Head Ball 2There are 18 superpowers. Win your matches with these superpowers and fight for the next league. Each league has its own reward system. You can increase the amount of rewards you earn by going to a higher league. Compete with other teams and earn more rewards by joining a team or creating your own. After the matches you win, your number of fans will increase and you will have access to new stadiums.