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Apk Installation Requires OBB (Full)


Greetings to everyone, we shared on the site modsome of the Games that require OBBconsists of We are with a topic in the form of a tutorial on how to install such games.

Installing this type of game two ways exists. Let's examine both ways together.

1. Play Store Method

NOTE: This method is the method described in the video above.

  • Which game first? modIf you're going to download that game Play Store Download via.
  • After downloading the game Android / obb Change the name of the game you downloaded in the folder and delete the game from the device.
  • Then install the apk you downloaded from the site and reinstall it. Android / obb Enter the folder and rename the folder you changed.
  • That's all for our first way, after these stages you can play the game as you wish.

2. Simple way

  • The game you want to download OBB file Download from the download link in the thread.
  • After installing the game on your device Android / obb The game folder will be created in the folder. (The folder will be created empty.)
  • downloaded from the site OBB file Copy it here and login to the game.
  • That's it for our second route, good game!

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